444 Regency Parkway
Suite 109
Omaha, Nebraska 68114 

About Us

Our firm focuses its practice primarily in litigation as an insurance defense law firm dedicated to providing competent and zealous legal representation to all our clients.   Our team of attorneys brings a wide range of diverse work experience to our clients. Our legal experience includes employment with other private law firms, employment as in-house counsel with a large insurance company, work as corporate counsel for private businesses, and clerking for a justice of the Nebraska Supreme Court.  This wealth of practical experience has translated into considerable success for our clients both inside and outside the courtroom.  Given the economic realities of the present world, we are constantly mindful of the rising costs of litigation, and we believe our experience allows us to provide cost effective services without compromising results.

We represent individuals, private businesses and large insurance companies from across the United States in litigated matters based primarily in the courts situated in Nebraska and Iowa.  Our central location in Omaha, Nebraska, positions us to easily and readily access all state and federal courts in Nebraska and Iowa.  


Contact Us

If you would like to contact us, please call 402-932-5126, or send an email to info@nolanolson.com, or to contact a specific attorney, see the contact information for each individual attorney on the Attorneys page.

CLM Wiki Page

Please click the link above to visit the Workers' Compensation Guide our firm drafted for CLM.