Experienced Omaha Firm Offers Comprehensive Mediation Services

Skilled attorneys handle alternative dispute resolution proceedings

When handled correctly, mediation benefits both the parties engaged in a dispute and the public interest by averting unnecessary litigation. Located in Omaha, Nolan Olson & Stryker offers mediation and arbitration services. We use the experience gained over decades of legal practice to deliver effective, solution-oriented guidance. In a wide range of cases, our firm can help each side understand the applicable legal standards and find creative ways to reach a mutually satisfactory resolution.

Regardless of whether a legal disagreement arises from a contract dispute, a potential tort claim or some other type of conflict, we have the skill and background to help achieve consensus among businesses and individuals engaged in disputes. Through training and real-world experience, our firm delivers useful, knowledgeable assistance during:    

  • Mediation — We offer mediation services and assist litigants when they believe that discussions under the direction of a qualified third party can be successful. Mediation offers many advantages, such as privacy and reduced costs. As accomplished attorneys, we can analyze legal issues that might be keeping the sides apart and offer well-informed comments about how a conflict might be resolved if litigated in court.
  • Arbitration — Whether required under the terms of an agreement or chosen by the parties, arbitration puts factual and legal determinations into the hands of a third party with relevant knowledge and experience. Like mediation, this process allows parties to maintain their privacy while saving time and money. Of counsel Waldine H. Olson has been a member of the American Arbitration Association Panel of Commercial Arbitrators since 1987.
  • Representation of parties in alternative dispute resolution proceedings — In addition to offering mediation and arbitration services, we also have extensive experience advocating for clients during these proceedings. When appropriate, we will utilize policy or contract language to have a dispute resolved in one of these forums instead of court. Our lawyers are familiar with the standards that govern alternative dispute resolution proceedings and many of the qualified mediators and arbitrators in the area, so our clients are well informed and capably represented.  

To schedule a mediation please view our online calendar and then contact Anita Carey 402-932-5126 x207 or Linda Sexton 402-932-5126 x213 of our support staff for confirmation.